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Catered To Your Specific Needs

Our comprehensive 3rd party warehousing solutions are structured and implemented to maximize operating efficiency. We study each client’s unique requirements and prepare and structure our services so that they can best meet client needs. All our services are performed in a cost-effective manner with a focus on accuracy and client satisfaction.


Instorage offers both short and long term storage solutions. Our facility accommodates both racked and stacked storage positions. Our secure facility has both a security and fire prevention plan in place 24/7.

Order Fulfillment / Pick and Pack

Instorage can handle all your order fulfillment needs. We offer case picking by the master carton, by inner packaging, or by piece. Inner and piece merchandise are packaged into master packs in order to reduce shipping costs. We offer standard 24 hour turn around from order receipt to pick, pack, and shipping but we are also able to accommodate immediate rush or emergency handling . Instorage can provide rapid turn around for products that must be broken down, sorted and reassembled for furtherance to multiple locations.

E-commerce Fulfilment

We can handle all your e-commerce fulfillment needs. From storing, picking, packing to shipping your product to your customers, we can handle it all. We ship orders within 24 hours. Our e-commerce system has a 24/7 client portal, which you can access anytime. With our high volume of daily shipments, we have great transportation rates available. We can be your one stop shop for your e-commerce needs.


We use a top tier provider in the 3pl WMS industry, our service provider has an extensive relationship with leading e-commerce platforms. This allows seamlessly integration with leaders such as Shopify, Amazon, Ebay. If your  business needs integration, we handle it cost effectively.

Cross Dock Services

Our cross dock services appeal to customers that require little or no storage space. This service is ideal for clients that require deconsolidation of goods received from a vendor or conveyance (trailer load, container) and must be segregated for furtherance to multiple destinations. Cross docking is also cost effective when multiple small shipments are to be received and consolidated into a larger bulk shipment.

Container De-Stuffing

Instorage can handle all your container de-stuffing requirements. We can off load both palletized and floor loaded units, we also sort, count, and inspect the contents for damages or shortages, then communicate this information back to our customers.

Reverse Logistics

Another one of our value added services- reverse logistic includes handling of recalls for seasonal or defective products. We can also rework/refurbish the products at our location or provide an alternative disposal service.

Seasonal Distribution

Seasonal distribution appeals to clients who service a market during a specific season with very little inventory the rest of the fiscal year; why pay leasing fees for a facility when your storage requirements are limited to a specific time of year. We can offer cost saving warehouse solutions and make sure your products get the attention they deserve.

Inventory Management

We understand the importance of maintaining accurate reporting practices. Instorage is committed to providing accessible and reliable inventory information to its clients. Through the use of our online warehouse management system, customers are able to view current inventory levels, shipping records, as well as receiving records. Also, sporadic cycle counts and stock checks ensure that physical inventory levels coincide with reported levels on hand.

Labeling / Kitting / Assembly

If your products need to be labeled or assembled before shipping to customers, Instorage can provide a cost effective solution. We have extensive experience with assembly of pre-packaged kits.

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