Seamlessly Connect to Every Corner of Canada

With InStorage’s 3PL solutions, penetrate Canada’s vast landscapes and reach customers nation-wide with ease.


Before partnering with Instorage, I'd been working with one of the major fulfillment companies. It was a constant struggle with unpredictable costs, frequent mistakes, and missing inventory. What I really sought was a partner I could rely on—a company that was transparent with pricing, consistent in service, and always available for my questions. Instorage was the answer to all my needs, ticking off every box on my checklist."

— Tiffany DaSilva,Founder, Flowjo

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Unfold Canada’s Potential with InStorage in 5 Ways:

Coast-to-Coast Warehousing

Strategically positioned storage solutions that cover Canada from sea to shining sea.

Integrated Inventory Management

A unified system designed to manage shipments across Canada’s vast terrain.

Expansive Distribution Channels

Broaden your reach, delivering from Vancouver’s shores to Newfoundland’s cliffs.

Custom Solutions for Canada's Diverse Market

Tackle the unique challenges of Canada’s diverse market regions with specialized services.

Efficient Nationwide Returns Management

No matter where your customer is in Canada, handle returns with swiftness and efficiency.

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Embrace Canada’s Extensive Market Landscape

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Spanning From East to West

With InStorage, businesses can effortlessly cater to Canada’s expansive territories, ensuring no market remains untapped.

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Adapting to Canada’s Unique Demands

Our 3PL solutions are finely tuned to meet the diverse needs of Canada’s provinces and territories.

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Centered for Maximum Canadian Reach

Strategically located near Toronto’s hub, ensuring optimum reach across Canada.

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Support That Knows Canada

Our expert team understands Canada’s logistical challenges and is always ready to assist.

Diving Deeper into 3PL in Canada:

How does InStorage facilitate nation-wide shipping in Canada?

With our strategic positioning and extensive network, we ensure efficient logistics across Canada’s multifaceted landscape.

Why choose InStorage for a pan-Canadian 3PL solution?

From our hub near Toronto, we command the expertise and resources to deliver consistent and effective 3PL solutions across Canada.

What makes Canada a unique market for 3PL?

Canada’s vast and varied territories require adaptive and robust logistics solutions. With InStorage, cater to every unique regional need.

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